Here you can purchase and download the hypnotic piano pieces. More tracks are added regularly.

Free track – Tactus II

This track is designed to soothe, especially if there is some pain, anxiety or sadness going on, which can lead to feelings of stress, aches and discomfort. It will help you accept things as they are and return to a sense of wellbeing and ease.


Pax I – sweet soft sleep (39′ 34″)

This track uses a clever technique to constantly slow down throughout its 40-minute duration. It has a very relaxing, calm, soothing and pleasant intention, preparing the body and mind for rest and sleep.‌

Sapienta I – calm curiosity (38′ 58″)

This piece is for opening us up to new possibilities. Curiosity and fear cannot coexist, so they say! It has an undulating 5-time groove but it still flows in a comfortable, plausible and natural way but this slight metric twist in the groove helps loosen and relax the mind, to encourage letting go of unhelpful biases and habits. It gently invites you to investigate new approaches and attitudes.‌

Motus I – from anger to agency (37′ 15″)

This track works to break through the paralysing effects of frustration and anger. Using a softly insistent figuration, it gently persuades the mind to let go of any rage or resentment that blocks agency. The result of repeated listening is to feel stronger, more powerful and able to take action but more compassionate and forgiving towards people or situations that typically generate anger.‌

Pax II – gentle rest (19′ 21″)

This is a 20-minute piece to prepare the mind and body for sleep. It gradually slows down throughout the track and the mood is very gentle and comforting.‌