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Phil finishes a new piece every few days and posts it to the Inner Circle – an exclusive area for members to stream and download these newest piano pieces for a limited time, before they are released widely on streaming sites. The Inner Circle has a blog-style format so members can post comments and chat with Phil and each other about their experiences using the music and what they would like new pieces to help them with.

So the Inner Circle is a unique and ever-changing creative space. As a member of this community, you will gain inside knowledge of Phil’s creative processes. Each post includes Phil’s thoughts about the music. You are effectively a part of that creative process as Phil responds to your input. This way, he can serve you in a very direct way, giving the members of the community the music that they most need. This fertile symbiosis will increase as the relationships build. When Phil’s musical intention springs from such a genuine dynamic connection between all of you and him, the music he composes becomes especially beautiful, magical and powerfully transformational.

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