Your own personal exclusive piano piece

Phil would love to compose an exclusive piano piece, especially for you. H works in a very intuitive way to create music that addresses the specific needs of individuals or even groups. Music speaks to the soul and has tremendous transformational power. In the past, many cultures had music shamans and healers. In current shamanic practices, drumming is used to help people access a deep trance state. The rhythmic groove that Phil always generates in his pieces is similarly hypnotic whilst the musical patterns – the rhythms, harmonies and melodies – are accessible, lyrical and full of deep feeling.

Choose the length of track you would like to order using one of the three buttons below. You will receive email confirmation with links to download a document promising to create your personal track and a short piano piece. He can normally complete your composition within a week and will be in touch if it’s likely to take longer.

Order your bespoke piano piece

Please email Phil on or use the contact form and tell him about how you would like the track to help you.

You may write as much or as little as you like. If you feel like writing a detailed essay, go ahead! But the amount of material detail matters less than the feeling behind your words. A few words can strangely convey great meaning on a purely intuitive level. So just write from the heart! And don’t worry if it’s an untidy stream of consciousness. Whatever you write, it’s usually sufficient for Phil to get a sense of what you need.