Beautiful, natural, melodic piano pieces, extended meditations that communicate with the mind, soul and body, bringing transformation and healing

Hypnotic Piano features a deeply personal project by Phil Best  – a composer and pianist with a deep interest in meditation, hypnosis, yoga and other transformational practices.

Having improvised and composed piano music in a deeply meditative style his whole life, he decided to create these pieces. Melodic, with catchy hooks and steady, hypnotic underlying rhythmic grooves, these pieces are powerful and musically satisfying in a way that is different from music typical of this genre. This is not generic background music but real music with rich storytelling and emotionally connected, heart-to-heart communication.

Each composition is carefully constructed from several sections, all with the same single mood or “affect” to form a seamless arc that carries the listener with its magical unfolding. Lasting for at least 20 minutes and sometimes as long as an hour, each work follows a single meditative intention of transformation for healing, such as soothing pain, calming anger, generating power and agency, managing stress and a myriad others. The Latin titles correspond to 12 general areas of consciousness.

4 ways to listen to Hypnotic Piano pieces:

  • STREAMING – Listen to the 5-7 minute versions released under the project name Dare Lucem, currently available on SoundCloud and soon on Spotify, Apple Music or whatever streaming music service you use.
  • DOWNLOAD – the full-length 20-60 minute versions from this website for £1.15 each.
  • INNER CIRCLE – Join this exclusive community and stream or download full-length versions of Phil’s latest piano pieces before they become available anywhere else. You can also interact with Phil and other members, make requests and have a direct influence on the music he creates for you – £2.50 monthly.
  • PERSONAL EXCLUSIVE PIECE – Commission Phil to compose a track especially for you. This unique track will be exclusively yours and never distributed. Just tell him all about how you would like the track to help you and he will compose a piano piece for you: £45.00 – 20 min; £60.00 – 40 min; £70.00 – 60 min.

How the music heals and transforms

Each piece is a meditation with its transformational intention in the title. The music flows in a way that is both grounded and floating. This seemingly paradoxical feeling is related to the root and crown chakras working together in balance. As a student of Yoga, Phil uses his knowledge of the chakras to help him tune into 12 deep intuitive consciousness areas. This enables him to make each piece work on the specific area of transformation.

The music he composes and performs, is channelled from this inner perception, or higher power, coming more from the body and soul than the head. When you listen intently, following the music’s unfolding, letting your awareness be carried away, it will help you focus in the present moment and still your mind – the very essence of meditation. Then you can simply let go or tune into the profound wisdom of your body and soul.

Alternatively, of course these pieces can also be used as a background accompaniment to other practices and alternative therapies such as mindfulness meditation, yoga, hypnosis, massage and many others (royalty-free licenses are available by request). And even if you just listen more casually to the music, it can provide solace or catharsis, helping you make sense of life with all its struggles and complexities.


Pax – helping with insomnia & improving sleep quality

Many of these pieces help you to be calm and relaxed but those with the title Pax use a special technique: the tempo of the groove keeps gradually slowing down from beginning to end. This is a very effective way to prepare the brain for sleep. If you listen before going to bed, these pieces can be a powerful and safe treatment for insomnia. Of course, they are also great for just relaxing. But you must NOT to listen to these when driving or doing any activity which needs you to stay alert!

These pieces work on many different areas of consciousness

Music and meditation help loosed the mind’s hold over us. The ego can block so much potential for transformation. Music is a powerful way to erode those mental blocks and tune into deeper consciousness energies that bring welcome transformation or relief.

As well as Pax (peace), the other 12 titles that you will see are:

  • Centrum (centre) to help us feel centred or solid in ourselves
  • Terra (earth) for being grounded or having a firm springboard for action
  • Ignis (fire) to feel fully present in the here and now, having passion
  • Aqua (water) for finding our power and dealing with vulnerability
  • Tactus (touch) to help us experience physical sensations, pain, pleasure etc.
  • Animus (mind or heart) to develop intention, determination and purpose and deal with frustration
  • Amor (love) for compassion, loving kindness, care and service and dealing with sadness and loss
  • Motus (emotion) to help release emotions or change them into agency or action
  • Veritas (truth) to develop sincerity, honesty, self-expression and our sense of beauty and truth
  • Sapientia (wisdom) for greater insight, understanding and the ability to reflect calmly and clearly
  • Miraculum (wonder) to help us let go, forgive, surrender to what is, transcend the struggles of life
  • Infinitas (eternity) to help us experience boundlessness, a sense of unity or being of one mind